“Finally, the TV show that we’ve all been waiting for!”

Just as Charlie Rose sits with newsmakers or James Lipton converses with film stars on The Actor’s Studio, Ray White brings that depth, experience and intimacy to the world of music and its major players.  Whether it’s rock, classical, or jazz, the program presents a deep dive into great albums, tours, and recording sessions. Along with artists’ historical perspectives, NOTES is high quality, one-on-one, studio interviews with the legends of music, no matter what genre.  There’s a hint of a retro vibe reminiscent of classic TV broadcasters like Tom Synder and Dick Cavett. NOTES with Ray White is presented with a respect, understanding, and knowledge of music by a host who has experienced the music scene first hand for forty years.

Whether it’s Roger Waters, Bonnie Raitt, Peter Gabriel, Quincy Jones, or Yo-Yo Ma, they all have stories to tell!  Viewers will come away from the program with a revealing, intimate, and often surprising look at superstars –maybe even finding themselves saying “I was just thinking of that same question.”

The DoorsEach installment of NOTES with Ray White features a “center stage” interview;  an in-depth high quality talk with a music legend that will thread in-studio conversations with photos and footage of great moments in the artist’s life and career.

NOTES also includes three-to-five-minute “sidebar segments,” which highlight various aspects of the music world.  These segments might feature the making of a Fender guitar; they may take us to Abbey Road studios, the Hendrix museum, or a stadium as Roger Waters’ crew sets up for his massive production of Us and Them.  The segment may involve a conversation with legendary photographers discussing their unique album covers, or with a songwriter, revealing the background story to a particular song.

Josh Bell SEQ-CC-audio Whatever the music lovers’ interest there will always be something noteworthy on NOTES with Ray White.