Full Circle

Can you imagine Paul McCartney giving the final concert at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park? Makes sense doesn’t it? It is, after all, a rather important place in Beatle history. The “Stick” is the location of the very last Beatles’ concert EVER (not counting the Let It Be rooftop lunchtime set). The S.F. show ended their US tour back in the summer of 1966. Little did the other lads know that John had privately made up his mind about ending touring. He was done with the insane road schedule, all the non-stop screaming and the crappy sound systems that met them in every city.paulfinal

Now word has just slipped out of City Hall in San Francisco that something big came up while hellos were exchanged at the big Outside Lands Festival at Golden Gate Park last week. Mayor Ed Lee, Paul and Phil Ginsburg of the Park and Rec Department were chatting backstage before Paul and his band hit the stage last week before 65,000 concert goers. Paul congratulated Mayor Lee on being the first Asian mayor of San Francisco and mentioned Candlestick Park getting ready to meet the wrecking ball. McCartney then stunned the mayor by saying “Well, if you are going to tear down the stadium next year, we should think about us doing the last concert there.” Just like his concert with Billy Joel at the old Shea Stadium a few years ago before they tore it down, Paul now wants to do the same thing on the other coast. Wow, that came together fast!

candlefinal.BTW, on August 29, 1966 the Beatles played for 30 minutes in front of 25,000 fans and the tickets were priced at $4.50 and $6.50. I gotta feeling those numbers are going to be just a bit larger if this Candlestick farewell happens.

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