Gregg Allman In Paperback

I finally got around to the Gregg Allman book, My Cross to Bear, which came out recently in paperback. What was I waiting for? It’s so much better than I could have imagined. gregg2

Like the Keith Richard’s autobiography, I’m surprised at how thorough and honest this read is. Man, in detail, we hear how the Allman Brothers Band struggled, starved and clawed their way into existence. The whole time honing their chops as they became, for a spell back in the early 70s, the #1 band in America. Yes, there’s some Cher gossip, as well as lots of road stories. BUT, the main thing is, the curtain is pulled back on Gregg’s relationship with his talented brother Duane. After Duane’s early death the brotherly love, competition and chemistry still lived on. With close to twenty years of sobriety Gregg Allman gives a clear, fabulous retrospective on one man’s special life in the wild word of rock n’ roll music. He’s an American original that has seen it all and his music stories are worth the read.

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