That Voice

When I heard late last night that Linda Ronstadt has revealed to
an AARP magazine reporter that she has Parkinson’s Disease
I felt just terrible.  She didn’t do lindaall1anything stupid, or dumb to deserve this. It just happened.  But, when I read further that she has permanently lost her ability to ever sing again, I was crushed.

Memories of all those albums and incredible duets flooded in (I’m sitting here listening to the album she and Emmylou Harris made).  I even saw her on Broadway back in the early 80s in the zany and very campy Pirates of Penzance. And now, to hear that that special gift she has shared with the world for all these years has been robbed from her is tough to take.  Yeah I know, life’s not fair.  Yet, having spent a delightful couple of hours with her conducting an interview in the 1990s, I know that if anyone has the stuff to turn this adversity into some kind of asset, it’s Linda Ronstadt.  That conversation back in NYC was one of the most satisfying interviews I’ve ever conducted.  She sparkled throughout it, celebrated music like some new singer on the scene, and shared one wonderful story after another with me and my listeners.

All the best Linda.   We’re rooting for you.

Read the entire AARP article here.


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