Rog @ 70

Seventy, now that’s a real milestone.  Happy birthday George Roger Waters.  He’s been in bands since he was fourteen.  The Floyd evolved from all those  basement bands and landed at the world’s doorstep in 1966.  Heard See Emily Play on the radio in 1967 and I first witnessed them live in March of 1973 as they were rolling out their new one called The Dark Side of The Moon.  I’ll never forget that show.  Over the years he has fiercely fought to protect the brand that we know and love as Pink Floyd.  Those amazing LPs with their adventurous production have all been re-mastered and boxed-up for us (and generations to follow) to enjoy and inspect.  (I’ve got Meddle on as I type)  And right now, as much as I’d love a big, fat rock autobiography from my old friend Roger with all the juicy, psychedelic details, I can wait.  He’s got other fish to fry.


It’s called The Wall.  I was lucky enough over the years to see the Wall in every configuration; New York (1980), the Berlin Wall (1990) and the latest version that’s making the global rounds since 2010.  I even got to sit in on a Wall rehearsal twenty odd years ago.  The Wall is Roger Waters’ magnum opus and he knows it.  This rich musical story with it’s incredible staging and production is what Roger will always be remembered for.  It’s great that technology has finally caught up with those artistic visions he’s had in his head for thirty-plus years.

I’m actually having trouble dealing with the thought that this just may be his final tour.  That’s my problem.  But I will tell you that no one in the rock world (except for maybe Mr. Dylan) is more passionate, precise, poetic, cutting, compassionate and universal than Roger Waters.


As you blow minds across Europe this weekend with The Wall tour enjoy your special birthday Rog!  Wish I was there.


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