Goodbye To A Giant



The sad news came over my computer late the other night. The gentle and mighty Pete Seeger was gone. God, what a life! Ninety-four years of making a difference.



My first folk guitar teacher had me pick up reprints of “Sing Out” magazine with lyrics and chords to songs by Woody Guthrie and Pete. I’m not much of a player but two of my favorite instruments in the whole world, the banjo and the12 string guitar, are because of him. In high school and college no matter what music I was into; the Beatles, Miles or Pink Floyd, there was always an open back 5-string banjo leaning in the corner of my room. A reminder of my roots, sitting there patiently waiting to be tuned up and picked. I saw him in concert over the years singing his music that really mattered. Mixing joy and awareness as he encouraged us to do the right thing.

He was for so many of us an inspiration, mentor and Dad. Thank you Pete.

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