First of all, I can’t even get close to the fact that fifty years have come and gone since the Fab Four first rocked our world. Landing at JFK and then the Ed Sullivan Show that Sunday night made for one of the most exciting weeks in my young life. The long, gray, winter that had started early in the fall of 1963 with the Kennedy assassination was finally over. Musically things had become really boring and so predictable. As ’64 dawned there was this new sound from of all places, Liverpool, England. Everything was different. Their accents, boots, guitars, haircuts, suits and arrangements. Their tunes were original, crisp, and bright. We were ready for them and they acted like they were ready for this hurricane called America that was bearing down on them.


Man, the wait for them to finally get on stage for Sullivan’s show was FOREVER! Enough of this Tessie O’Shea stuff (on the bill that night). Then, suddenly Ed was introducing them to the whole nation in an unreal rocket ship of a whoosh that I’ll never forget. It was incredible. It felt great. They sounded and looked amazing. Nothing was the same after that. Music, creativity, energy and LOVE, it was what they were all about. I and millions of others were instantly joined to them at the hip for years to come…we still are. Putting on a Beatles lp is like looking at an old favorite photo album, or smelling your first girl friend’s perfume (Yardley?). Within a couple weeks I was in a jammed, screaming movie theater watching a closed circuit broadcast of their Washington DC concert. Vox amps, jelly beans, Ludwig drums and the coolest harmonies all in black & white. Ah, February 1964, a once in a lifetime burst of optimism with so much promise. We were the lucky ones.

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