The guitar world was all abuzz when news broke of a once in a decade guitar auction.

To a guitar player the vintage guitar1names say it all; Martin, Gibson, D’Angelico, Ramirez, Torres and Epiphone. Not since Eric Clapton put his incredible collection on the block a few years ago has such a marvelous group of classical, parlor, folk, country, flamenco and jazz guitars been made available. Word is, it’s an anonymous private collection of two hundred and sixty-five magnificent instruments. They were hand picked over the years and tucked away in storage. The man really had exquisite taste in handcrafted guitars. They are beautiful to look at, wonderful to play and of historical importance. It’s a breath taking wish list of guitars all under one roof. In many ways it’s a shame that this magnificent set is being broken up YET these are gorgeous sounding instruments not music boxes or paintings. They were indeed built by some of the very finest luthiers over the last three centuries and meant to be played and enjoyed not hidden like a trophy in some closet.

So, how much will these beauties be going for? My guess is, somewhere between a luxury car and a very nice condo ($50-$500K). You can peek at the collection that guitarists around the world are drooling over.

Here’s the video by Gurnsey’s Auction House in NYC:

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