I had heard for years about Miles Davis & Jimi Hendrix recording with one another and that the tapes were somewhere. After reading the story released on THE WIRE in 1997 I can now give up on that dream I suppose. Here’s the link that tells that story and all about the producer, Alan Douglas, who put the session together and just passed away…


It appears that Miles and Tony Williams both asked for $50,000 in advance before they’d come to the studio to record. Hendrix was there, waiting with the four songs he had agreed to bring to start the session. At the last minute Miles and Tony called to demand the money and the session never came off. No one would give in and I suppose pride does go before a fall.


I had heard that there were tapes but if there were/are/whatever then it would only have been recordings of rehearsals and I can’t imagine that would have happened and if so that whomever is in control of them would let them out. To add to the intrigue, Hendrix sent a telegraph to PAUL McCARTNEY to come play bass on the sessions!

At least the bio-pic on the life of Miles is going forward. Vince Wilburn Jr. (Miles Davis’ nephew and head of the estate) told me that Don Cheadle will indeed play Miles and that shooting begins in July 2014!


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