kidsOne of the most satisfying drives that I’ve ever been part of has just wrapped up and it was quite a success. Music In Schools Today (MUST) was founded back in 1980. It’s an organization in the SF Bay Area that makes sure donated musical instruments find a new home in schools and youth music programs. Close to 300 flutes, saxophones, violins, French horns and guitars were collected. That’s me with Peter Rogers (left) from the Marin Symphony at one of our collection locales. That vintage, playable classical guitar of mine (with pretty good intonation and action) wasn’t doing anyone any good sitting in it’s case for the last 25 years. And that’s the point. After you or your kids have moved on with that banjo, violin or sax there’s still some great music waiting to be coaxed out of it IF placed in the hands of an excited young person somewhere at a nearby school.

Apparently, the 300 instruments we gathered will allow 1000 kids to take lessons and fall in love with music. Talk about gratifying! So, after you’ve explored your closet, garage or attic for that gently used instrument be on the lookout for a non-profit group in you hometown collecting them. Who knows, that intrument just might make it into the hands of the next Stevie Wonder, Joshua Bell or Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Here’s the MUST link.kids2

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