Bob Dylan is everywhere and you’ve gotta love it. In a few months Robert Zimmerman will be turning 74, yet there’s no slowing him down. In fact, Bob Dylan is a bit of a cottage industry. A year ago for the Super Bowl, Dylan blew minds with a Dodge TV ad that he wrote the copy for and starred in. A salute to American know-how from Bob. And just maybe, one of the most famous electric guitars of all time was auctioned off for close to a million bucks. It was Bob’s Fender Stratocaster from the 1965 Newport Folk Festival the weekend he played “electric”.

dylanguitarWith the release of Dylan’s most famous bootleg, the Basement Tapes from back in the 70s, there’s now more than enough material to keep one busy (a box set with 6 CDs / 138 tracks). And how about the discovery of the Dylan acetates a few months ago? Those are the pristine album pressings (vinyl on metal) given to the record company and the artist when the albums are ready to be officially pressed. The ultimate audio reference. Well, someone discovered two boxes full of forty year old Dylan audio souvenirs hidden in a closet in NYC.

bobacetateThen there’s the revelation of Mr. D. being creative and nimble with a blowtorch. He’s been welding together beautiful and interesting iron gates; each one compleletly unique. There’s fine art at his website too; original paintings now available. Not cheap but hey, it’s a for real Dylan painting. And, are you ready for Dylan singing Sinatra?? (coming soon) It’s true, no one speaks to us quite like Bob Dylan.


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