Oye, another New York composer named Bernstein in the spotlight. There’s the great conductor Leonard Bernstein, Alfred Hitchcock’s film scorer Elmer Bernstein and now a documentary film about music guru Seymour Bernstein. Thanks to movie star (and fan) Ethan Hawke, composer and teacher Seymour Bernstein’s music and life are getting a big boost. I once sat in on a fascinating master class with Yale Music School guitarists at Bernstein’s NYC apartment. The man’s insightful criticism and warm encouragement were something beautiful to witness.


Back in 1977 Bernstein surprised the music world by quitting his concert career to become a full time teacher. Now 87, this special man has dedicated and shared his talents and philosophy of life with thousands of students. He’s famous for saying amazing things like; “most people don’t tap the God within.”



Check out the trailer to Ethan Hawke’s new film about his friend Seymour Bernstein.

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