Well, somewhere on my desk in a pile of unfinished blogs about things musical sits a rough draft of a rave review about my favorite jazz record of 2015; Eliane Elias’ “Made in Brazil”. Hey Eliane, congrats on your Latin Jazz Grammy this past weekend! I know, posting my prediction in this musical horse race a week late won’t cut it. But at least I can nudge Brazilian jazz lovers to go check out her latest disc.


For over 25 years now Eliane Elias has made an incredible stack of releases that showcase just how special and gifted she is. I first met her right after she had just moved to New York City back in the ‘80s. You could sense she had that personal motivation, immense talent and spirit to make it in the rough and tough music world. All these projects later she still taps into her roots, capturing the essence of her native Brazil. Eliane makes it look so easy. Her tools are that rich voice and amazing piano chops. She has a knack for picking just the right tune and then making it her own. Very few can do that.


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