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Ben Fong-Torres' Profiles

I’ve been a long time fan of writer Ben Fong-Torres from his old Rolling Stone magazine days. In “Almost Famous”, Cameron Crowe’s loving portrait of a young music writer in the heyday of the 70s rock scene, captured the early days of the magazine’s talent staff. And that included Ben Fong-Torres. He stopped by and visited with me while on the air at KDFC and then did this marvelous profile for the SF Chronicle. Thanks Ben!

The original SF Chronicle article


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I’ve just jumped on-board a new internet jazz radio station. It’s called; Yours truly is on Monday through Friday 7PM till Midnight, stretching out with a monster library playing the likes of John Coltrane, Miles, Dave Brubeck, Joshua Redman and Diana Krall. We’ll be slipping in releases from the new faces and sounds like Joe Alterman, Eldar Djangirov and Nora Jones.
From NYC to the SF Bay Area I’ve been on some great stations. I even worked in a very cool jazz record shop once upon a time in Hartford, Ct. It’s a worldwide celebration of America’s true art form and a pure delight every time I open the mic and play some of my favorites.
Whether you’re entertaining, reading, studying or just chilling out, I’ve got some terrific laid back jazz for you on or with our app. And, did I say NO commercials? It’s true. Jazz Tonight, come check us out.


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With Mr. Blue Note, trumpeter Chris Botti, who gigs at Blue Note jazz clubs all around the world. Chris just had the honor of opening the latest one in wine country (Napa, California). It’s pretty amazing if you’re a jazz fan having three major jazz clubs dotting the SF Bay Area. We’re getting spoiled! Chris has got a hot new band that’s heading to NYC for the holidays. They’ll be doing 56 sets at the world famous Blue Note in Greenwich Village for the 12th year in a row.


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Hard to believe it’s been a year already. Imagine if the Bataclan terrorist shootings had happened at the Fillmore or the Beacon Theatre? Last year’s tragedy in Paris rocked the world, especially concert goers. My music loving French friends insisted that I go visit the theater and bring along a camera while I was in Paris. They called it their September 11th.

Notes with Ray White – Bataclan, one year later from David Kiviat on Vimeo.

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Happy Birthday Joni Mitchell

The Puppy and the Goddess in Berlin, 1990. That was quite a moment. Got a chance to sit down and chat with the amazing Joni Mitchell while rehearsing for Roger Waters’ massive performance of “The Wall” at the Berlin Wall. No one has laid out such intimate truth in song like Joni. On this, the week of her 73rd birthday, a couple of Joni wishes;

  1.     good health and happiness for her.
  2.     and will someone please remaster her entire catalogue. (SACD and vinyl please)


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