Billboard Magazine has done all the tabulating and the results are in, the kid from Salzburg is the winner! Who would have ever believed that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would be a top best seller for this past year? This is for 2016 NOT 1816. W.A.M. left the planet in 1792 at the young age of 36 with so many great years ahead of him. His early death was a tragedy of the first order. Yet, his genius matters more than ever. His music touches us generation after generation.

Billboard reported that the $400 boxed set of 200 CDs with every piece the man ever wrote has sold close to two million copies. Right up there Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and Adele.  Hats off to Decca Records who curated this impressive release which was timed for the 225th anniversary of his death.  The collection features sixty orchestras and six hundred world class soloists along with an impressive book. They did it right.


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