Road Trip, Milan


With Paolo Barsotti in Milano.

There are certain cities around the world that just ooze music. London, Nashville and New Orleans are three places that immediately come to mind. Music towns!

While chasing after what looks to be Roger Waters of Pink Floyd’s final tour I recently ended up in Milan, Italy. It’s tough letting go of that amazing concert experience that Roger is known for. So, there we were, two incredible sold-out shows in front of a wild audience that knew all the Floyd music and warmly greeted his three or four new tunes from Is the Life We Really Want. The crowd really reminded me of the passionate, heavy duty Roger/Floyd fans in New York that would show up at Madison Garden all the time. The hard core rock fan who KNOWS all the tunes and the stories and myths that go along with Roger’s legacy. It was nice to experience all that over in Europe with my Italian friends Paolo and Francesco from Lucca.

Milan’s music tradition goes way beyond our times. There are statues to Richard Wagner and the Italian superstar opera composer, Giuseppe Verde in squares all around town. A street named after Mozart and then there’s the greatest opera theater of all time; La Scala. Known world over, it’s ground zero for the finest opera productions of the last couple of hundred years. And still going strong. Being a history freak I got a real strong sense of time as well the power of musical passion and creativity over the years. It was definitely goose-bump time as I stood outside and headed into the lobby. Much like the first time I walked on stage at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville or bringing on a jazz band at Carnegie Hall in NYC. Tons of tradition and a feeling of musical excellence that seems to hang in the air.

I couldn’t help thinking that just maybe Roger’s music might make it crosstown to La Scala one day. True, he wrote the finest rock opera of all time with The Wall but I was actually thinking of Ca Ira his traditional opera set during the French Revolution. It’s starting to be performed around the world by various opera companies. I sure love those blurred lines when it comes to music genres and Milan, Italy is just the place for it to happen.

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