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A Good Show, producers of NOTES with Ray White, is a consortium of some of television’s most creative and innovative visionaries, producing high quality, cutting edge network and cable sports and entertainment television shows. AGS represents a powerful global production capability with experience and resources on all continents, and all of today’s many distribution outlets and opportunities. Whether live, short-turn-around or post-produced, AGS captures the experience, world-class performance and superior quality product that best represents the essence of respect for athlete, artist and brand. Combining the thrilling and exciting action and drama of athletic competition or musical performance with storytelling and hero building, AGS’ coverage is both entertaining, and educational. AGS’ forte is extreme, extraordinary outdoor event coverage with difficult logistical details and leverages over 35 years of media experience with all business aspects of production, distribution, social media capitalization, sponsor relations, and marketing/branding initiatives. More information is available online at

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