Heavy Rotation at Home 2018-05-31T00:35:41+00:00

(heav·y ro·ta·tion) DJ speak for albums that are currently getting lots of play at home and at radio stations. 


Once again the genius and creative force behind Pink Floyd has given us a big musical chunk to chew on. Has it really been twenty years since we last had a new Roger record? With new players, recorded in LA and produced by Nigel Goodrich, he tackles his two favorite subjects; intimacy between lovers, friends, family and community AND then there’s the biting attack on government, leaders and corporations. Coupled with his (final?) world tour, this new project is one powerful piece of rock and roll art. 


Christian is the new Wynton Marsalis! Does this bass playing music force ever sleep? 300 recording dates under his belt, musical director of the prestigious Newport Jazz Fest and making his own fabulous music with trios, quartets and now this cooking band.. This large band gem won a Grammy just a few months ago. I call his sound state-of-the-art big band. No Harry James, Dorsey stuff here, this is a chugging locomotive with some of the hottest young players in the jazz world. The surprise from out of left field was their perfect arrangement of “Mr. Bojangles” with Melissa Walker on vocals. I hope Jerry Jeff Walker has heard it.


A straight-ahead delight. It’s on Blue Note and it reminds me a lot of Herbie Hancock’s first few or Wayne Shorter’s early ones as well. Kenny has been releasing trio and duet albums over the last few years and this is a nice, very welcome change of pace. A tight quartet recorded in Brooklyn that’s full of musical colors surrounding KB’s masterful piano. A great surprise.


There’s a veil of sadness that hangs over this entire collection. If this weren’t Troy Gentry’s last record (he died last year in copter crash on his way to gig) I’d be all over this as the next chapter in a non-stop story of two of country’s best. What a partnership and what great music! Despite all the mixed emotions, I love it. I’m grateful this band has been busy busy creating some awfully fine country music. T-Roy you are missed and Eddie, keep the band going!