David Kiviat – Executive Producer – "A Good Show"

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Producer David Kiviat with trumpeter Chris Botti

David Kiviat is an experienced senior executive producer and coordinating director with a successful career developing a wide range of domestic and international outdoor, indoor, and studio television programming for major television networks. His expertise with business aspects of production, client relations and marketing/branding initiatives, coupled with his unique combination of artistic and storytelling skills, have made David an indispensable packager of many live, taped and short turnaround television events. Recognized throughout the industry as a visionary leader, David’s versatility as Executive Producer and Coordinating Director of complex, televised events, make him a valuable asset to any organization. A talented multi‐tasker, he has produced over two hundred one‐hour shows during the past five years and is accustomed to using innovative techniques to stretch resources and meet deadlines.

Recently, as Senior Vice President, Television Production and Media Development for the Jacobs Management Corporation, David strengthened corporate marketing and significantly increased sales and profitability for the company’s outdoor products businesses.

He led a 75‐person staff that developed in‐ house production network television programs generating over $15 million in annual revenues. Previously, as Executive Producer for the Fox Sports Network, David created and launched a new FLW Outdoors series to rave critical reviews that generated higher ratings than any other Fox Sports daytime broadcasts.

Prior to that, as senior producer for Wide World of Sports at ABC, David led the highly successful program’s global production team that produced complex televised events with extreme challenges, consistently delivering high quality programming on or under budget. During that period, he was the “live” Director of many major sports (Wide World of Sports, the World Series, Tour de France and the Olympics) and news broadcasts for the Network as well.

David has earned seven Emmy Awards (thirty plus nominations) over the course of his career in TV.