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“Finally, the TV show that we’ve all been waiting for!”

Ray White’s interviews bring a depth, experience and intimacy to the world of music and its major players. Whether it’s rock, classical, or jazz, the program presents a deep dive into great albums, tours, and recording sessions. Along with artists’ historical perspectives, NOTES is high quality, one-on-one, studio interviews with the legends of music, no matter what genre. There’s a hint of a retro vibe reminiscent of classic TV broadcasters like Tom Snyder and Dick Cavett. NOTES with Ray White is presented with a respect, understanding, and knowledge of music by a host who has experienced the music scene first hand for forty years.

Whether it’s Roger Waters, Bonnie Raitt, Peter Gabriel, Quincy Jones, or Yo-Yo Ma, they all have stories to tell! Viewers will come away from the program with a revealing, intimate, and often surprising look at superstars –maybe even finding themselves saying “I was just thinking of that same question.”

The DoorsEach installment of NOTES with Ray White features a “center stage” interview;  an in-depth high quality talk with a music legend that will thread in-studio conversations with photos and footage of great moments in the artist’s life and career.

NOTES also includes three-to-five-minute “sidebar segments,” which highlight various aspects of the music world. These segments might feature the making of a Fender guitar; they may take us to Abbey Road studios, the Hendrix museum, or a stadium as Roger Waters’ crew sets up for his massive production of Us and Them. The segment may involve a conversation with legendary photographers discussing their unique album covers, or with a songwriter, revealing the background story to a particular song.

Josh Bell SEQ-CC-audio Whatever the music lovers’ interest there will always be something noteworthy on NOTES with Ray White.